Event Rules
Duration: Long Term (starting from Jun.26th )
Players who have credited at least $4.99 for the first time can claim a prize pack, and can enjoy Level 1 VIP service for 14 days!
Eligible players can claim their prizes from Lorranie (Cronus 214,607).
You can also travel by PATH FINDING! Select `Others`, then click “Prize Legate” to move there.
Only $4.99, $7.99, $15.99, $29.99 or $59.99 TQ Point Cards are valid for this event.
Each account can only claim the prize ONCE.
5 EPs





Level 1 VIP service

for 14 days

Note: Please login on the page and claim the VIP Service again if you can't enjoy VIP service.

Premium Pack [B]

  • A Flying Mount (Tradable)
    Jade Wyvern or Emberheart
  • +3 Talisman Pack [B]
    a +3 Potency Rune [B], a +3 Berserk Hom [B]
    and a +3 Mithril Crown [B]
  • 12 Violet Stones [B]
  • +6 Elite Equipment [B]
    Level 70 -100, get one set according to your level
  • A Moon Blessing [B]

Level 1 VIP Service

  • Control the VIP Warehouse
  • Control the Eudemons Warehouse in the market, Cronus, Gobi Desert and Elven City
  • Control VIP Token Exchanges
  • Buy 2 12-star Universal XO upon reaching Level 100
  • Buy 2 Special EXP Ball upon reaching Level 100
  • Add Maximum 60 Friends
  • VIP Mall